A downloadable game for Windows

Explore the map while hallucinating.

Install instructions

Extract folder then play


Hardcore Drugs.zip 35 MB


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is not ok to promote that behaviour


So i made this video and turns out i was high whilst doing so.Thanks for this game


can't believe their are Chemtrails in this game..pretty accurate, but this wasn't a bad game, pretty trippy, keep up the good work guys!

Also I sober up what do I do??

I personally think you have potential, but please fill the game. I think adding simple voiced thought in there, or music. Options on what drugs you use, and more people and interactions. Your game is good though


Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQdtxxRMIYI

Awesome game man ! Love the work.

Here's a few ideas:

  1. Add more maps and make them bigger
  2. Make something we can interact with - people, phones, cars, etc.
  3. If possible, add some music. The games feels empty !

I wanted to ask you - can I use this game for a youtube video gameplay ??

Yes you can use it, and i made another game with vehicles called drunk driving simulator.